About Sudanese Club

An Emirati social, cultural and sports club for the Sudanese community in the United Arab Emirates. It was established since the seventies of the last century. It is a space for the Sudanese community to hold their various activities and reflect the cultural heritage of Sudan.

The Sudanese Social Club – Dubai is the parent club for the rest of the Sudanese clubs in the country, as it is the first branch that was announced in the United Arab Emirates. Sudanese have the right to belong to him through a symbolic monthly subscription for its members.

Club Objectives

  • The Sudanese Social Club is specialized in improving and evaluating the social life of Sudanese in the Emirates.
  • Transferring the characteristics of Sudanese social life among the sons of Sudanese within the Emirates.
  • Launching cultural and social initiatives and all the initiatives that would contribute to the process of building the Sudanese society with all its features inside the Emirates.
  • Providing spaces in which the Sudanese community and its youth can move, present their ideas and initiatives, and share these actions among the Sudanese community within the Emirates.
  • Supporting Sudanese youth in the UAE.
  • Adopting social works for the Sudanese community that serve and develop Sudanese social life.
  • Providing services that would contribute to providing a better life for building social relations among members of the Sudanese community.
  • Providing services that improve the work environment for those who run businesses within the country.
  • Developing means of communication between the club and its members from the sons of Sudan within the UAE.
  • Contribute to creating opportunities and adopting initiatives to solve the problems of job-seeking youth.